AIUM Ultrasound Practice Accreditation
What is AIUM Accreditation?
Why Should My Practice Seek AIUM Accreditation?
How Much Does AIUM Accreditation Cost?
What Happens After I Submit My Practice's Application?
How Does My Practice Apply for AIUM Accreditation?

Review the Accreditation Agreement.

Each interpreting physician must complete the following form when applying for accreditation:

Attestation of Satisfactory Completion of AIUM Physician Training Guidelines

Review the case study submission requirements and supporting documents relevant to the specialties in which your practice seeks accreditation. The AIUM offers accreditation of the following specialties:

Submit your case studies and supporting documents by uploading them:

  1. Application Checklist

  2. General File Requirements

  3. How to Prepare Your Documents for Upload

  4. General Requirements for the Submission of Case Studies

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