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Since the 1990s the AIUM FUTURE Fund has been making an impact in the lives of ultrasound sonographers, researchers, and physicians around the world - aimed at improving the quality of care provided to their patients and their educational endeavors.

The FUTURE Fund supports pioneering researchers, educators, and practitioners in developing exciting technologies and applications for the future of medical ultrasound. Grant recipients have already begun investigating the use of ultrasound to prevent strokes, improve women's health care, diagnose macular degeneration, decrease medical costs, and aid in cancer treatment. The diversity of ultrasound applications is constantly evolving and so too are the opportunities available through the FUTURE Fund. 

The FUTURE Fund Impact

The AIUM FUTURE Fund is the AIUM’s philanthropic arm dedicated to Furthering Ultrasound Through Understanding, Research, and Education.

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Support the Future of Ultrasound

The FUTURE Fund drives the AIUM's commitment in raising awareness and advancing medical ultrasound by encouraging investigators to thrive in their research initiatives. Supporting the AIUM FUTURE Fund means supporting the importance of research grants and in helping investigators, both scientists and medical professionals, gain protected time to complete their research.

  • Who can Support?

    FUTURE heroes like you, AIUM members, corporate vendors and partners, organizations and other foundations, the AIUM leadership - officers, committee chairs, and fellows themselves, are all advocates for the future of ultrasound.

  • How Can I Support?

    Donors have graciously provided individual donations, monthly donations, unrestricted educational grants, and more. There is more than one way to donate!

  • Why Support?

    Medical professionals often feel pressure to choose between seeing patients and investing time in valuable research. Grant funding relieves some of this pressure for research teams and their institutions, leading to medical breakthroughs and superior patient care.

“Not only does the grant help financially, but it’s really motivating to know that other people believe in you and what you are trying to do.”

Paris Colunga, Sonographer Grant Winner