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Practice Parameters

AIUM practice parameters provide the medical ultrasound community with guidelines for the performance and recording of high-quality ultrasound examinations. The parameters reflect what the AIUM considers the minimum criteria for a complete examination in each area but are not intended to establish a legal standard of care.

Training Guidelines

The AIUM’s Training Guidelines establish the minimum training, experience, credentialing, and continuing medical education (CME) requirements for medical staff and personnel who perform and interpret diagnostic ultrasound examinations.

Official Statements

AIUM Official Statements contain the AIUM’s official position on important issues and topics related to clinical ultrasound and provide guidance and support to members, the Board of Governors, staff, and stakeholders.

Career Resources

The AIUM understands that there are many factors to consider when choosing a career path. We offer several tools to assist you with your decision and transition into the field.

Curricular Resources


Articles on Phantoms (some articles available only to AIUM members)

Additional Resources

Student Competition Playbook--This resource is a step-by-step guidebook on how to develop an ultrasound competition for students. Includes a case study. This is a members-only resource.

OB-GYN Ultrasound Lecture Series--32 lectures that provide a strong foundation in the performance and interpretation of OB-GYN ultrasound examinations. Viewers can take a short assessment to gauge their understanding.

Breast Elastography in Routine Clinical Practice--This program presents the principles of elasticity imaging and reviews the use of both strain and shear wave imaging in the detection and characterization of breast lesions in routine clinical practice.

Breast Density: Implications, Controversies, and the Role of Ultrasound--This resource examines the challenges associated with assessing breast density, and the evidence and controversies surrounding breast density legislation.

Breast Imaging: Where Are We Going?--This resource illuminates the interconnectedness and roles of sonography, mammography, and magnetic resonance imaging in clinical breast imaging.