AIUM Recognizes Leaders in Ultrasound Medicine at UltraCon 2024

Apr 24, 2024

[Austin, TX] – The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) closed its UltraCon2024 event in Austin, TX, by honoring individuals who advance the field of medical imaging and ultrasound and improve patient outcomes across the globe. 

“We are especially proud to celebrate the achievements of our peers who exemplify the best in our field, advancing both the science and practice of ultrasound in medicine while all gathered together at UltraCon,” said Dr. Richard Hoppmann, President of the AIUM, who presided over the April awards ceremony. 

“These award winners exemplify the spirit of innovation and commitment of the AIUM. Their work not only enhances patient care but also inspires all of us in our daily efforts to push the boundaries of what medical ultrasound can achieve,” Hoppmann added. 

The awards ceremony was the culmination of this year’s conference, which included inspiring discussions, workshops, and presentations that highlighted the cutting-edge advancements in ultrasound.

Here are the award winners:

William J. Fry Memorial Award – Dr. Christy Holland

The William J. Fry Memorial Award recognizes an AIUM member who has significantly contributed, in his or her particular field, to the scientific progress of medical diagnostic ultrasound. Dr. Holland, currently a Professor at the University of Cincinnati, has made significant contributions to biomedical engineering and ultrasound research, earning numerous awards and recognition internationally.

Joseph Holmes Clinical Pioneer Award – Dr. Ximena Wortsman

The Joseph Holmes Clinical Pioneer Award recognizes significant contributions to the body of research in ultrasound medicine. Dr. Wortsman, a radiologist from the University of Chile, significantly transformed dermatologic ultrasound, advancing diagnostic accuracy and therapy.

Joseph Holmes Basic Science Pioneer Award – Dr. Pai-Chi Li

The Joseph Holmes Clinical Pioneer Award recognizes significant contributions to the body of research in ultrasound medicine. Dr. Li, an esteemed electrical engineer at National Taiwan University, has revolutionized ultrasound technology, advancing medical diagnostics and treatments. 

Distinguished Sonographer Award – Dr. Shawn C. Roll

The Distinguished Sonographer Award recognizes and honors current or retired AIUM members who have significantly contributed to the growth and development of medical ultrasound and whose outstanding contributions warrant special merit. Dr. Roll, a distinguished occupational therapist and professor at the University of Southern California’s Chad Division of Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy, is renowned for his pioneering work in musculoskeletal sonography and worker health. He is renowned for mentoring future therapists and for leading research on work-related injuries.

Peter Arger Excellence in Medical Student Education Award – Dr. Amir Manbachi

The Peter Arger Excellence in Medical Student Education Award honors individuals whose outstanding contributions to the development of medical ultrasound education warrant special merit. Dr. Manbachi, an Associate Professor at Johns Hopkins Medicine, is a trailblazer in neurosurgical innovation who excels at the intersection of neurosurgery and biomedical engineering. His pioneering research in ultrasound-based neuromodulation and advanced technologies has revolutionized patient care and earned him international recognition.

AIUM Presidential Recognition Awards – Dr. Tobias Kummer; Todd Breach

The AIUM Presidential Recognition Award honors outstanding contributions and services to the AIUM and to the broader ultrasound community. 

Dr. Kummer is an Emergency Medicine Physician on the research faculty of the Mayo Clinic. He is currently wrapping up his term as Chair of the Point-of-Care Ultrasound Community and is a member of the Board of Governors. 

Todd Breach is Chief Financial Officer of the AIUM. He has held the CFO position at the AIUM since 2013. For more than 10 years, and especially through the pandemic, Todd has been a champion for the AIUM.

Carmine M. Valente Distinguished Service Award - Dr. Joan M. Mastrobattista

Chosen by the AIUM staff and President, the Carmine M. Valente Distinguished Service Award recognizes an AIUM member whose longstanding contributions warrant special merit. Dr. Mastrobattista is a professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. She has contributed to the AIUM in a long list of ways and helps lead the next generation in OB and GYN care.

Honorary Fellow Award - Dr. Gabriele Via, MD, EDIC; Dr. Pintong Huang

The Honorary Fellow Award bestows an honorary membership upon those individuals who have contributed significantly to the field of ultrasound and, in most cases, whose primary residence is outside of North America. 

Dr. Via is a distinguished expert in medical ultrasound, shaping critical care for more than two decades. Pioneering point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS), he revolutionized diagnostics and patient outcomes worldwide. As a founding member of WINFOCUS, he advocates for its integration into routine clinical practice. 

Dr. Huang is a Professor of Medicine at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Zhejiang University School of Medicine, where he serves as the Chief of the Department of Ultrasound in Medicine. His research laboratory has pioneered the use of contrast ultrasound for noninvasive molecular imaging of disease and the use of ultrasound-mediated microbubble cavitation to treat tumors or diabetes type-2 in animal models by means of low-frequency ultrasound.

AIUM Memorial Hall of Fame - Dr. Lennard D. Greenbaum

The AIUM created the Memorial Hall of Fame as a posthumous tribute to individuals who have been active members of the AIUM and have contributed to the field of ultrasound in medicine. This year, the AIUM honors and remembers Dr. Lennard D. Greenbaum. Dr. Greenbaum, an early advocate of ultrasound in medicine, spearheaded its development and promoted its noninvasive imaging capabilities. He established Orlando Health's first ultrasound center, served as AIUM president, advocated for ultrasound contrast agents, and co-founded ICUS to enhance patient care globally.

About AIUM

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine is a multidisciplinary medical association of more than 9,000 physicians, sonographers, scientists, students, and other healthcare professionals. Established in the early 1950s, AIUM is dedicated to empowering and cultivating a global multidisciplinary community engaged in the use of medical ultrasound through raising awareness, education, sharing information, and research.