Pulsenmore Wins the AIUM's Shark Tank Competition at UltraCon, Showcasing Revolutionary Patient-Centered Home Ultrasound Solution

Aug 3, 2023

Pulsenmore, a leading innovator in connected patient-driven home ultrasound, emerged victorious in the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s first-ever Shark Tank competition held March 2023 at UltraCon in Orlando, Florida. The event took place amidst UltraCon's vision of placing professionals at the forefront of medical ultrasound through innovation and interactive experiences. Pulsenmore's groundbreaking product pitch, designed to empower patients and revolutionize prenatal care, garnered high praise from industry experts and secured the prestigious competition win.

Pulsenmore's mission is to enable quality care in previously inaccessible areas, increase productivity, and reduce costs in the field of maternal-fetal medicine. By allowing patients to capture their own fetal sonograms in collaboration with clinicians, Pulsenmore's ultrasound system transforms traditional clinic-centric care into patient-centered home care. This patient-centric approach bridges gaps in access to care, particularly for high-risk patients and those residing in remote communities.

Hagar Spits, General Manager of Pulsenmore Americas, expressed her enthusiasm about the competition, stating, "The AIUM Shark Tank competition was an incredible opportunity for us to showcase our solution and receive valuable feedback. UltraCon's focus on innovation and hands-on experiences aligned perfectly with our mission to bring patient-centered ultrasound care to the forefront. Engaging with the AIUM community and winning this competition will shape the future of Pulsenmore and further evolve the home ultrasound space."

To prepare for the competition, Pulsenmore actively engaged with societies such as the AIUM, collaborating with ultrasound professionals to develop solutions that meet their specific needs. Spits emphasized the importance of creating a concise pitch that highlighted the patient's perspective, ultimately setting Pulsenmore apart from other contestants. Through their compelling story and unique proposition, Pulsenmore successfully communicated the significance of patient-centric home care.

With the prize money and resources secured through the competition, Pulsenmore plans to further develop its groundbreaking product portfolio. Currently engaged in ongoing conversations with the FDA for their first product, the pregnancy monitoring solution, Pulsenmore is actively conducting feasibility studies for a transvaginal probe and exploring ultrasound imaging solutions for chronic disease management. The company aims to disrupt the fertility market and expand its offerings in the field of home ultrasound.

Pulsenmore's success story extends beyond the competition through its strategic partnership with GE Healthcare. The partnership, including investment and non-exclusive distribution, bolsters Pulsenmore's reputation as a trusted provider of high-quality ultrasound solutions. The GE seal of approval reinforces their commitment to excellence and positions Pulsenmore as a leader in the industry.

As Pulsenmore establishes its presence in the United States, the company is building a strong team in Boston to support FDA submissions and ensure compliance with local regulations. The headquarters and R&D operations will remain in Israel, while a robust American team will ensure seamless operations and cater to the specific needs of the U.S. and Latin American markets.

Spits advises aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace opportunities like the Shark Tank competition, emphasizing the importance of refining pitches and seeking external feedback. Engaging with the audience and continuously exploring innovative ways to present ideas are key factors in achieving success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

The AIUM and the Academy for Radiology and Biomedical Imaging Research collaborated to create the UltraCon Shark Tank competition, supporting the research, product development, and entrepreneurial and developing communities within the medical ultrasound space. Glynis Harvey, CAE, CEO, of the AIUM, expressed her support, stating, "Thanks to the support of the AIUM's Future Fund and the Academy, we are able to provide this unique opportunity to the ultrasound community. The Shark Tank competition allows participants to pitch their innovative ideas and receive vital feedback from industry experts, venture capitalists, and luminary figures. Competitions like this truly embrace the founding principle of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine’s Future Fund: Furthering Ultrasound Through Understanding, Research, and Education.” The Academy Executive Director Renee L. Cruea, MPA noted that “the Academy is thrilled to collaborate with AIUM on this program, it is our most popular interactive event for imaging investigators. Learning how to pitch an innovative idea to industry and venture capitalists is key to setting yourself up to be prepared for funding opportunities across the spectrum. This is a safe and fun way to learn from the experts as a participant and an attendee!”

For more information about Pulsenmore and its patient-centered home ultrasound solutions, please visit www.pulsenmore.com or contact:

Hagar Spits
General Manager Americas

Pulsenmore is an emerging leader in connected, patient-driven home ultrasound. They are on a mission to dramatically improve access to care while increasing convenience and efficiency for payers, providers, and patients alike. The company was founded in 2014 and is making home ultrasound imaging universally accessible for remote and reliable pregnancy care – while developing its technology for additional medical indications. Their flagship product, the Pulsenmore ES, is cleared for commercial use in EU countries, the UK, and Israel. In the US, it is limited by Federal law to investigational use only.

The Academy is an advocacy organization committed to advancing research in medical imaging to promote the health and well-being of patients. By engaging a community of developing and experienced imaging scientists, novel technology experts, patients, and their advocates, they promote shared learning and communication on both current research and future initiatives. They also inform the public and policymakers about how imaging and image-guided therapies translate into disease prevention, earlier and more accurate diagnoses, and improved quality of health care.

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