AIUM Launches JUM Fellowship Program

Oct 4, 2022

LAUREL, MD - The American Institute of American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine in Medicine (AIUM), with support from the AIUM AIUM Future FundFuture Fund, has established a new program designed to provide ultrasound practitioners/scientists/engineers an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of medical publishing.

The Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (JUM) Editorial Fellowship program honors 2 ultrasound pioneers whose service to the JUM are unmatched.

The Beryl R. Benacerraf Fellowship
The Benacerraf Fellowship will be awarded to a clinician and honors Beryl R. Benacerraf, MD, FAIUM, who served as the JUM’s Editor-in-Chief from 2000–2010.

The George R. Leopold Fellowship
The Leopold Fellowship will be awarded to a basic scientist and was created in honor of George R. Leopold, MD, FAIUM, who served as the JUM’s Editor-in-Chief from 1982–2000.

Each named Fellowship will award a $5,000 grant to one AIUM member each year. Recipients will work alongside the JUM editorial team in furtherance of the JUM’s mission to publish cutting-edge research, relevant basic science, and the latest clinical applications of medical ultrasound.

“The named JUM Editorial Fellowship program creates a legacy for these ultrasound titans that furthers their dedication to ultrasound research and knowledge sharing,” said AIUM CEO Glynis Harvey, CAE. “We anticipate building on their successes as we look to the future of medical ultrasound.”

Full details and eligibility criteria, along with an application to be considered, will be released no later than the end of November, with the Fellowship year beginning during UltraCon, March 25–29.

About AIUM

The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine is a multidisciplinary medical association of more than 9,000 physicians, sonographers, scientists, students, and other healthcare professionals. Established in the early 1950s, AIUM is dedicated to empowering and cultivating a global multidisciplinary community engaged in the use of medical ultrasound through raising awareness, education, sharing information, and research.