Memorial Hall of Fame

Established in 1981, the Memorial Hall of Fame serves as a posthumous tribute to a creative and devoted physician, sonographer, research scientist, or other individual who has been an active member of the AIUM as an officer, Board of Governors member, award recipient, JUM editor or deputy editor, or committee/COP leader and contributed to the field of ultrasound in medicine. Honorees receive a tribute in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine and are recognized during the AIUM Annual Meeting.

2015 Hector Lopez, DSc, FAIUM
2015 Floyd Dunn, PhD, FAIUM
2012 Michael A. Wainstock, MD
2012 David E. Robinson, DSc, FAIUM (hon)
2012 Wesley L. Nyborg, PhD, FAIUM
2012 Charles S. Kleinman, MD
2011 Donna M. Kepple, RT, RDMS, FAIUM
2011 Richard Jaffe, MD, FAIUM
2011 Robert L. Bree, MD, MHSA, FAIUM
2010 John J. Wild, MA, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2010 Jon W. Meilstrup, MD, FAIUM, FACR, FSRU
2009 Fred Winsberg, MD
2009 Horace E. Thompson, MD, FAIUM
2009 Martin I. Resnick, MD
2007 Frank P. Hadlock, MD
2007 Francis Fry, BS, MS
2007 Jeanne A. Cullinan, MD, FAIUM
2005 Frederic L. Lizzi, EngScD
2004 Kenneth Taylor, MD, PhD, FAIUM
2004 William M. McKinney, MD, FAIUM
2004 Dru Elaine Carlson, MD, FAIUM
2003 D. Eugene Strandness, Jr., MD
2003 Raymond Gramiak, MD
2003 Gilbert Baum, MD, FAIUM
2001 Bernard Sigel, MD
1996 Laurence A. Mack, MD
1996 George Evans, MD
1995 G. Leland Melson, MD
1994 Denis N. White, MD
1993 David J. Phillips, PhD
1992 Donald J. Hart
1991 Richard A. Banjavic, PhD, MS
1990 Carrie Chapman, MD
1988 Catherine M. Cole-Beuglet, MD
1987 Charles W. Hohler, MD
1986 Terrance Matzuk, PhD
1985 Lajos Von Micsky, MD
1984 Kenneth R. Gottesfeld, MD
1983 William B. Steele, MD
1982 J. Stouffer Lehmann, MD
1981 Douglass Howry, MD