Joseph H. Holmes Pioneer Award-Basic Science

In 1977, the Pioneer Award, which honored an individual who significantly contributed to the growth and development of diagnostic ultrasound, was established. This special award was renamed in 1982, to honor Joseph H. Holmes, MD, who died that year. Dr. Holmes, the first person named as an AIUM pioneer, was an important figure to both the field of diagnostic ultrasound and the AIUM. His early efforts in ultrasound research, which included tissue characterization and ultrasound's diagnostic use in polycystic kidney disease and orthopedics, helped to advance the field of ultrasound and encourage others to conduct new research. Serving the AIUM in many capacities, Dr. Holmes was president from 1968 to 1970, and was editor of the AIUM's official journal, which was then titled, the Journal of Clinical Ultrasound, for nearly 10 years. Each year the Joseph H. Holmes Pioneer Award honors two current or retired AIUM members, one in clinical science and the other in basic science.

2016 Michael C. Kolios, PhD
2015 Flemming Forsberg, PhD, FAIUM, FAIMBE
2014 James Gegan Miller, PhD, MA, FAIUM
2013 Christy K. Holland, PhD, FAIUM
2012 Charles C. Church, PhD, FAIUM
2011 J. Brian Fowlkes, PhD, FAIUM
2010 K. Kirk Shung, PhD, FAIUM
2009 Ernest J. Feleppa, PhD, FAIUM, FIEEE, FAIMBE
2008 Albert Goldstein, PhD, FAIUM
2007 Ernest L. Madsen, PhD, FAIUM
2006 Douglas L. Miller, PhD, FAIUM
2005 George Kossoff, DScEng, FAIUM (hon)
2004 Kenneth R. Erikson, MSEE
2003 Marvin C. Ziskin, MD, FAIUM
2002 Samuel Samuel Maslak, DSc, FAIUM
2001 Jonathan Ophir, PhD
2000 David E. Robinson, DSc, FAIUM (hon)
1999 Kevin J. Parker, PhD, FAIUM
1998 Mel E. Stratmeyer, PhD, FAIUM
1997 Paul L. Carson, PhD, FAIUM
1996 James A. Zagzebski, PhD, FAIUM
1995 Frederic L. Lizzi, EngScD
1994 Frederick W. Kremkau, PhD, FACR, FAIMBE, FAIUM, FASA
1993 William D. O'Brien, Jr., PhD, FAIUM
1992 Robert C. Waag, PhD, MS, FAIUM
1991 Edwin L. Carstensen, MS, PhD
1990 Floyd Dunn, PhD, FAIUM
1988 Padmakar P. Lele, MD, PhD
1987 Donald Baker
1986 James Fowler Greenleaf, PhD, FAIUM
1985 Wesley L. Nyborg, PhD, FAIUM
1983 Frederick L. Thurstone, PhD
1982 William J. Wright
1981 Francis Fry, BS, MS