Honorary Fellow Award

The Honorary Fellow Award bestows an honorary membership upon those individuals who have contributed significantly to the field of ultrasound and in most cases whose primary residence is outside of North America. Honorary Fellows are recognized with the other awardees in the convention program and receive a complimentary lifetime membership in the AIUM and a plaque of recognition. Requirements for Honorary Fellowship include nine or more years in medical, scientific or engineering work related to medical ultrasound, five or more publications in refereed journals, exemplary educational/teaching accomplishments, and exemplary community, clinical or organizational service.

2016 Paul S. Sidhu, BSc,MBBS,MRCP,FRCR,FAIUM(hon)
2016 Aris T. Papageorghiou, MD, FRCOG, FAIUM (hon)
2015 Christian Pállson Nolsøe, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2015 Michael Grace Kawooya, MBChB,MMed (Rad),PhD,FAIUM hon
2015 Maria Cristina Chammas, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2015 Tom Bourne, PhD, FRCOG, FAIUM (hon)
2014 Yuji Murata, MD,PhD,FACOG,FAOFOG,FAIUM hon
2014 Pascal Laugier, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2013 Paul Arthur Dubbins, MBBS, BSc, FRCR, FAIUM (hon)
2012 Brian J. Trudinger, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2012 David H. Evans, PhD, DSc, FAIUM (hon)
2011 Gianluigi Pilu, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2011 Masatoshi Kudo, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2010 Charles H. Rodeck, MBBS, FMedSci, FAIUM (hon)
2009 Alfred Kratochwil, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2008 Glenn R. McNally, MBBS,FRCOG,FRANZCOG,FAIUM hon
2007 Seung Hyup Kim, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2007 Leandro J Fernandez, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2006 Kurt A. Jaeger, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2006 Genevieve Berger, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2005 Michel Claudon, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2004 Kypros H. Nicolaides, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2003 Kittipong Vairojanavong, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2003 Hassen Akeba Gharbi, Sr., MD, FAIUM (hon)
2003 Byung Ihn Choi, MD, FAIUM (hon)
2002 Juriy W. Wladimiroff, MD, PhD, FRCOS, FAIUM (hon)
2002 Karel Marsal, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2001 Francis A. Duck, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2001 Giovanni G. Cerri, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
2000 Sturla Hall Eik-Nes, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1998 Alberto E. Belinsky, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1997 Hiroki Watanabe, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1997 Yi-Hong Chou, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1997 David A. Carpenter, BE, MEngSci, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1995 Harald Th. Lutz, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1995 Gilbert Devey, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1994 Morimichi Fukuda, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 John J. Wild, MA, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Peter N.T. Wells, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Francis S. Weill, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Toshio Wagai, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Gerhard-Michael Von Reutern, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Gail Ter Haar, MA, DSc, MSc, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Joseph S. Summers, Jr., MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 J.C. Somer, FAIUM (hon)
1900 David E. Robinson, DSc, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Roy C. Preston, BSc, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Leandre Pourcelot, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Arvo Oksala, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Masuhisa Oka, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Andrzej Nowicki, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Yasuharu Nimura, MD, MSc, RDCS, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Hans R. Müller, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 John Morrison, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Patricia Morley, MBBS, FRCR, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Hylton B. Meire, MBBS LRCP MRCS DObstRCOG DMRD
1900 Ian G. McDonald, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Masatoshi Makuuchi, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Salvator D. Levi, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Asim Kurjak, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 George Kossoff, DScEng, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Jack Jellins, BSc, BE, PhD, MD(Hon), FAIUM
1900 Hans Holm, MD, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Christopher R. Hill, DSc, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Liv Kristin Hatle, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Soren Hancke, MD, DrMedSc, FAIUM (hon)
1900 B. Joachim Hackeloer, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Douglas Gordon, MB, ChB, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Robert W. Gill, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Hermann Gernet, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 William J. Garrett, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Leszek Filipczynski, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Inge Edler, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Mary Dyson, BSc, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 M. De Vlieger, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 David O. Cosgrove, MA,MSc,FRCP,FRCR,FAIUM(hon)
1900 Stuart Campbell, DSc,FRCP,FRCOG,FACOG,FAIUM hon
1900 W. Buschmann, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Nathaniel R. Bronson II, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Nicolaas Bom, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Stanley Brian Barnett, MSc, PhD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Jens Bang, MD, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Michele Arslan, MB, ChB, FAIUM (hon)
1900 Licinio Angelini, BA, BS, MD, FAIUM (hon)