Definition of Physician Supervision for Ultrasound Practice Accreditation Standards

Nov 12, 2020

  • 1. An appropriately qualified physician must be readily available to review and interpret the ultrasound examination.
  • 2. In the exceptional circumstance when such a physician is not immediately available at the time of the sonogram:

    • a. A sonographer credentialed in the relevant specialty must be immediately available to review the images;
    • b. A mechanism must be in place to address unexpected, questionable, or urgent findings;
    • c. If immediate physician review is not available, a patient call-back mechanism must be established; and
    • d. Image review, interpretation, and reporting must be performed in compliance with the AIUM documentation guideline.
Approved: 10/07/1997; Reapproved: 11/11/2001, 03/27/2010, 03/25/2015, 11/12/2020