Conclusions Regarding Epidemiology for Obstetric Ultrasound

Sep 26, 2022

Based on the available epidemiologic data, there is insufficient justification to warrant conclusion of a causal relationship between diagnostic ultrasound and recognized adverse effects in humans. The epidemiologic evidence is based primarily on exposure conditions existing prior to 1992, the year in which maximum recommended levels of acoustic output for ultrasound machines were substantially increased for fetal/obstetric applications. Some older studies have reported effects of exposure to diagnostic ultrasound during pregnancy, such as low birth weight, delayed speech, dyslexia, and non-right-handedness. Other more recent studies have not demonstrated such effects. The absence of definitive epidemiologic evidence does not preclude the possibility of adverse effects of ultrasound in humans.

Approved: 03/29/1995; Reapproved: 06/22/2005, 03/27/2010, 10/30/2016, 09/26/2022