AIUM Official Statement of Professionalism

Nov 12, 2020

We, the members of the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine, believe that every individual, regardless of specialty, should be valued and respected. All voices should be heard.
To achieve a collaborative and inclusive culture, all members within the ultrasound community will conduct themselves in a professional manner, respecting all individuals, and advocating for others. We welcome all individuals. We shall not discriminate based upon gender identification, sex, nationality, race, ethnicity, age, religion, experience, physical ability, or any other factors.
While we embrace free speech, open discourse, and debate, we do not condone any forms of harassment, bullying behaviors, or speech that marginalizes or denigrates others. “Speech” in this context represents all forms of communication, spoken or written, in all media including paper and electronic.
By upholding this Statement of Professionalism, we promise to treat each human being with steadfast dignity, kindness, and respect so that our central mission remains focused on providing exceptional, compassionate care for all.
*Based on the framework developed by the Intersociety Committee for the purpose of adoption by its member societies. The Intersociety Committee, composed of 50+ imaging societies, including the AIUM, meets annually to promote collegiality, foster and encourage communication and interchange, and evaluate and make recommendations on problems or concerns in the imaging community. At the most recent ISC meeting, we addressed characteristics, challenges, and leadership of multigenerational workforces along with strategies for developing high functioning teams. This statement of professionalism was one output of that meeting.

Approved: 11/12/2020;