CME Instructions

How to submit Your CME credits earned for live events

Remember: CME credits cannot be claimed until the conclusion of the event.

  1. Go to
  2. Select “My Account” (upper right-hand side).
  3. Log in with your username and password.
    Select “Forgot Password?” (below “Login” button). Enter your email address, ID/Member/E-associate #, or username and click the Submit button. Once you confirm your email address, the system will send you an email designed to assist you with your password request. If you receive an error or have any questions, please contact membership at
  4. Under “My AIUM CMEs and Events” (bottom of the page), select:
    a. ”CME Tracker”; events will be listed in order of most recent.
  5. Select ”Enter Credits” in the “Credits Earned” column.
  6. Click the Pencil Icon (to the left of the first day/event).
  7. In the “Credits Earned” column, type in the total number of credits you earned for each day. If you didn’t earn any credits that day, you must enter the number zero or the form will not submit.
  8. Click the Disc Icon (beginning of the line) to save the entered credits.
  9. Repeat steps 6–8 for each day of the event.
    Warning: Do not click “submit” until you have entered all of your CME credits for each day. You will not be able to alter the number of CME credits after you submit.
  10. Select “Submit My Credits For This Event” (bottom of the page) when you have finished entering totals for all days.


After clicking “Submit,” you will see the total of credits you earned in the column labeled “Credits Earned.”

Click “View” in the “Certificate” column to view a copy of your official AIUM CME participation record. You may print a hard copy of your certificate or save it on your computer


  • You will be able to enter credits only for the day(s) you are registered.
  • If you register onsite, or make changes to your registration onsite, you may not be able to enter your CME credits for up to 72 hours.
  • If you have questions regarding how to submit CME credits, please contact