J. Brian Fowlkes, PhD, FAIUM

Current Professional Affiliation
Professor of Radiology
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Director of the Basic Radiological Sciences Division
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI (28 years)

Participation in AIUM Committee Work
Abstract Review Committees (Member and Chairman)
Annual Convention Committee (1998-2001)
Basic Sciences Section
Bioeffects (1996-present; Vice Chair, 1998-1999; Chair, 1999-2001)
Central Program (1998-2000)
Endowment for Education and Research (2002-present)
AIUM Mechanical Bioeffects Conference, Co-Chair (1998)
AIUM Bioeffects Consensus Conference, Chair (2005)
Output Standards Subcommittee (2016)
Technical Standards (1996-1998)
Executive Committee Liaison to Technical Standards Committee (2005-2015)
Executive Committee Liaison to Bioeffects Committee (2005-2015)
Finance Committee Chair (2016)
Editorial Board, Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine (2000-present)

Elective Offices
Secretary (2005-2015)
Treasurer (2016-2017)
Board of Governors (1999-2002, 2003-2006)
Fellow (2005)

Contributions as a Faculty Member at AIUM Meetings
Categorical Course Moderator, Ultrasound Contrast Agents (1993)
Categorical Course Presenter, Update on Ultrasound Bioeffects (1998)
Categorical Course Presenter, New Technologies in Ultrasound (1999)
Categorical Course Presenter, Basic Concepts in Non-linear/Harmonic Imaging (1999)
Categorical Course Presenter, Vascularity Quantification (2000)
Categorical Course Co-Organizer, Nonlinear Imaging of Tissue and Contrast Agents (2000)
Categorical Course Presenter, Why Bubbles for Ultrasound Contrast? (2001)
Categorical Course Presenter, Nonthermal Bioeffects in the Absence of Gas Bodies (2002)
Categorical Course Presenter, Is there a Future for Ultrasound Contrast Agents? (2005)
Categorical Course Presenter, Ultrasound Functional Imaging (2006)
Regional Course Presenter, Diagnostic Ultrasound Principles and Instruments-Fundamentals and Advances (2006)
Meet the Professor, Ultrasound Contrast Agents: Benefits Versus Risks? (2009)
Categorical Course Presenter, The AIUM/Food and Drug Administration Effort to Design and Implement a Clinical Trial to Establish Safety and Efficiency of Ultrasound Contrast Agents (2009)
Preconvention Course Organizer, Current Clinical Utilization of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Gynecology (2011)
Preconvention Course Organizer, The Future of Clinical Utilization of Therapeutic Ultrasound in Oncology (2011)
Organizer of the Categorical Course and Plenary Session: Is Ultrasound Safe? A Mock Trial - (2011)
Categorical Course Organizer, Therapeutic Ultrasound: From Subtle Effects to
Tissue Ablation (2011)
Categorical Course Organizer, Therapeutic Ultrasound: From Subtle Effects to Tissue Ablation (2012)
Categorical Course Presenter, Hands-on Demonstrations of Ultrasound Physics and Therapy (2012)

Primary Area(s) of Ultrasound Experience
Contrast Agents, Bubble Dynamics and cavitation, 3D Imaging, Instrumentation, Bioeffects, Therapy

174 peer reviewed publications
102 proceedings articles
17 book chapters and technical reports
285 published abstracts

Affiliations and Positions with Other Professional Societies
Acoustical Society of America - Fellow
American Association of Physicists in Medicine - Fellow
American Institute of Medical and Biomedical Engineers - Fellow
AIUM Joseph H. Holmes Basic Science Pioneer Award – 2011
American Institute of Physics
American Physical Society
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
International Contrast Ultrasound Society - Secretary
International Society of Therapeutic Ultrasound

What are your Goals for the AIUM?
The future of the AIUM lies in the ubiquitous use of ultrasound in medicine and the inclusion of all those who bring ultrasound to medical practice. The AIUM is the place where scientists, engineers, sonographers, physicians, and all those interested in ultrasound gather to share ideas and develop relationships to promote the safe and effective use of medical ultrasound. The AIUM should continually take a lead role in national and international promotion of ultrasound. The AIUM should provide the intersection point for many different disciplines in ultrasound and serve to breakdown barriers to the wider use of ultrasound in medicine.