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Image Gallery
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Fetal nose/lips
Fetal nose, upper and lower lip. The arrow is pointing to the tip of the nose.
1st trimester(<10 week) fetus with yolk sac
View of a fetus in the late first trimester of pregnancy. The thin arrow points to the yolk sac and the thick arrow points to an arm.
14 week fetal profile
Fetal profile in the second trimester of pregnancy.
Fetus with Nuchal Translucency
View of a fetus in the second trimester of pregnancy showing the nuchal translucency (arrow). Nuchal translucency is a space under the skin of the back.
31 week twin pregnancy/fetal hearts
Twins in the third trimester of pregnancy; the ultrasound image shows the chest of each fetus with the heart (arrow).
34 week fetal profile
Fetal profile in the third trimester of pregnancy.
Normal ovary with multiple follicles. Follicles represent eggs in various stages of development. The arrow is pointing to a follicle.
View of the uterus. The arrow points to the inside lining of the uterus where the pregnancy normally attaches and grows.
Breast cyst
Ultrasound of a breast with a cyst inside (arrow). Breast cysts are typically benign.
Thyroid gland in an adult. Arrows point to the outer edge of the thyroid gland.
Normal testicle. Arrows point to the outer edge of the testicle.
Normal prostate. Arrows point to each lobe of the prostate.
Gall bladder
Normal gall bladder (arrows). The gall bladder is part of the liver.
Normal kidney in an adult. Arrows point to the outer borders of the kidney.
Clubfoot is a deformity in which the foot is turned inward and downward at birth and remains stuck in this position, resisting realignment.
Cleft lip and palate
Cleft lip and palate are congenital abnormalities that affect the upper lip and the hard and soft palate of the mouth. Severity of the abnormalities may range from a small notch in the lip to a complete fissure extending into the roof of the mouth and nose.
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Normal Uterus
Septated uterus
Septated uterus in which uterus has a partition or septum.
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD)
Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) of the fetal heart musculature. VSD is a hole or a defect in the septum that divides the 2 lower chambers of the heart.
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