Point-of-Care & General Medicine Ultrasound Course

July 15–16, 2023
Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU), Portland, Oregon


Attendees will be in 2 groups with concurrent sessions split between lectures and scanning.

Main Course: Saturday, July 15–Sunday, July 16, 2023
Premium Sessions: Sunday, July 16, 2023

7:30 am–8:00 amIntroduction
8:00 am–8:30 amHands-on Instrumentation
8:30 am–9:15 amLecture: Abdomen
9:15 am–10:00 amGroup A- Lecture: Lung
Group B- Scanning: Abdomen
10:00 am–10:30 amBreak
10:30 am–11:15 amGroup A- Scanning: Abdomen
Group B- Lecture: Lung
11:15 am–12:00 pmGroup A- Scanning: Lung 
Group B- Lecture: Cardiac
12:00 pm–12:50 pmLunch
12:50 pm–1:35 pmGroup A- Lecture: Cardiac 
Group B- Scanning: Lung
1:35 pm–2:20 pmGroup A- Lecture: DVT/IJV
Group B- Scanning: Cardiac
2:20 pm–3:05 pmGroup A- Scanning: Cardiac
Group B- Lecture: DVT/IJV
3:05 pm–3:30 pmBreak
3:30  pm–4:15 pmGroup A- Scanning: DVT/IJV
Group B- Lecture: Putting it together - CLUE
4:15 pm–5:00 pmGroup A- Lecture: Putting it together - CLUE
Group B- Scanning: DVT/IJV
5:00 pm–5:30 pmRapid Fire Image Review
5:30 pmAdjourn for the Day 


7:30 am–8:00 am Day 1 Review
8:00 am–8:45 amGroup A- Lecture: Right Heart & Volume Status 
Group B- Scanning: Day 1 Review
8:45 am–9:30 amGroup A- Scanning: Day 1 Review
Group B- Lecture: Right Heart & Volume Status 
9:30 am–10:15 amGroup A- Lecture: Soft Tissue/MSK 
Group B- Scanning: Right Heart & Volume Status
10:15 am–10:45 amBreak
10:45 am–11:30 amGroup A- Scanning: Right Heart & Volume Status
Group B- Lecture: Soft Tissue/MSK 
11:30 am–12:15 pmGroup A- - Lecture: Soft Tissue
Group B- Scanning: Soft Tissue/MSK 
12:15 pm–1:05 pmLunch
1:05 pm–2:00 pmGroup A- Scanning: Soft Tissue/MSK 
Group B- Lecture: Case-based Lecture Putting it together
2:00 pm–2:45 pmRapid Fire Image Review
2:45pm–3:00 pmWrap up, Q&A, Where to Continue Your POCUS Education
3:00pm Adjourn
 3:15 pm–5:15 pmPremium Sessions:
  • Advanced Cardiac Scanning - $699
  • MSK Scanning  -  $699