Brian Douglas Coley, MD, FAIUM, FSRU, FACR, FAAP
Board Certification   
Diagnostic Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology - Pediatric Radiology
Current Professional Affiliation
Frederic N Silverman Chair for Pediatric Radiology
Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center
Cincinnati, OH 45226
August 2011 to present
Participation in AIUM Committee Work
Membership Committee: Member 2000-2003; Vice-chair 2003-2005; Chair 2005-2009
Pediatric Section: Secretary 1998-2000; Vice-chair 2000-2001; Chair 2001-2003
Neurosonography section: Secretary 2007-present
Nominating Committee: 2009
Elective Offices
Treasurer: 2013 - present
First Vice Preseident: 2010 - 2013
Board of Governors: 2008 - present
Fellow: 2003
Contributions as a Faculty Member at AIUM Meetings
Abstract Reviewer 1998-2004
Categorical Courses 1998-2001; 2003-2006; 2008; 2009-2013
Preconvention Course 2000, 2014
Just Images session 2005, 2007
Meet the professor 2008
Scientific abstracts 1998-2000; 2003; 2004; 2007; 2011
Primary Area(s) of Ultrasound Experience
Pediatrics, interventional, visceral Doppler
>95 peer reviewed publications
15 book chapters
2 books
Approximately 60 published abstracts
Affiliations and Positions with Other Professional Societies
Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine: Advisory Editorial Board 2004-present; pediatrics section editor 2010-present
The Society for Pediatric Radiology: Secretary 2007-2010; Second Vice President 2011, First Vice President 2012, President-elect 2013, President - current
Pediatric Radiology: Assistant Editor 2007-present
American journal of Roentgenology: Assistant Editor 2006-2010
American College of Radiology: Committee on Ultrasound Accreditation 2003-present, current chair; Commission on Pediatric Radiology 2006-2012; Committee on Appropriateness Criteria 2006-present (current chair for Pediatrics); Pediatric Guidelines and Standards 2007-present
Society of Radiologists in Ultrasound: Publications Committee 2006-2013; Program Committee 2009-2013; Investment Committee 2013-present
What are your Goals for the AIUM?
The multidisciplinary nature of the AIUM creates both strengths and challenges for the organization. Many medical specialties that work together within the AIUM often find themselves in conflict with each other in the actual practice world. The ability of the AIUM to bring together the many practitioners of ultrasound allows for the furtherance and development of ultrasound in unique ways that ultimately serve to improve patient care. Being multidisciplinary, the AIUM has the ability to advocate for the science and practice of ultrasound, and its benefits to patients, free from the professional bias and politics that inevitably arises within single specialty organizations. To that end, the AIUM needs to increasingly reach out to ultrasound practitioners (and those still in training) in new and emerging fields to become members of the AIUM, while strengthening our membership among the more traditional ultrasound specialties. A stronger membership ultimately means a stronger AIUM with a broader base of resources from which to draw. I would like to see the AIUM continue its already excellent initiatives to make the organization more meaningful to its members, through activities such as CME, educational products and courses, research into cost effectiveness and improved patient outcomes through diagnostic and therapeutic sonography, and political advocacy for the practice of ultrasound.