Ultrasound First Update
September 20, 2012
From the September 20, 2012 President's Letter

Ultrasound First Update
I am heartened by the increasing momentum of the Ultrasound First endeavor. As you know, this effort began in earnest early this year and is designed to call attention to the safe, effective, affordable advantages of using ultrasound first in a growing number of clinical situations. The Sound Judgment Series in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine has resulted in 9 highly cited peer-reviewed articles and many more in the queue, highlighting the clinical value of using ultrasound first in specific clinical diagnoses where ultrasound has shown comparative or superior value. This series serves as an important educational resource for our educators and clinicians.

Most recently, we’ve posted a collection of informative video clips of leading experts describing their experience with using ultrasound first and the importance of the effort for better patient care, safety, and cost savings.

The AIUM will host an Ultrasound First Forum in early November that will expand the dialogue among medical organizations, educators, insurers, patient advocacy groups, government agencies, industry, and others. I’m looking forward to the collaboration and believe this is a critical step in the progress of this important effort.

T-shirts, pins, posters, and badge holders are now available for you to show your support of Ultrasound First.

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