Practice Guidelines

Practice guidelines of the AIUM are intended to provide the medical ultrasound community with guidelines for the performance and recording of high-quality ultrasound examinations. The guidelines reflect what the AIUM considers the minimum criteria for a complete examination in each area but are not intended to establish a legal standard of care. AIUM-accredited practices are expected to generally follow the guidelines with recognition that deviations from these guidelines will be needed in some cases, depending on patient needs and available equipment. Practices are encouraged to go beyond the guidelines to provide additional service and information as needed.

The AIUM Practice Guidelines are available to download as pdf files.

Enhanced guidelines offer image references and a self-study test worth .5 credit available to AIUM members.

Abdomen or Retroperitoneum *

Abdominal Aorta

Breast * †

Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip


Extracranial Cerebrovascular - Enhanced | PDF

Extremity Arteries


Female Pelvis - Enhanced | PDF *

Fetal Echocardiography *

Head and Neck

Musculoskeletal - PDF | Tutorial *

Native Renal Artery

Neonatal Spine - Enhanced | PDF

Neurosonography in Neonates and Infants - Enhanced | PDF

Obstetric - Enhanced | PDF *

Peripheral Arterial

Peripheral Venous

Postoperative Dialysis Access

Preoperative Dialysis Access

Prostate & Surrounding Structures - Enhanced | PDF

Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility - Enhanced | PDF

Reproductive Medicine

Scrotal - Enhanced | PDF

Solid-Organ Transplants

Sonohysterography - Enhanced | PDF

Thyroid & Parathyroid - Enhanced | PDF *

Transcranial Doppler - Enhanced | PDF

Ultrasound-Guided Procedures

Urology *

Vascular Access

* The AIUM offers practice accreditation for these specialties. View more information.

† As of November 2013, the AIUM Executive Committee and Board of Governors voted to replace the previous AIUM Practice Guideline for the Performance of a Breast Ultrasound Examination. In its place, we have adopted the American College of Radiology's (ACR) Practice Guideline for the Performance of a Breast Ultrasound Examination.

Policy for Practice Guidelines

  • Practice Guidelines may be downloaded for free on the website by members and nonmembers.

  • Individuals may make as many photocopies as needed of the guidelines.

  • If a member does not have access to the web, the AIUM will mail or fax one photocopy of the guidelines for free.

  • If a nonmember does not have access to the web, the AIUM will mail or fax a single copy for free but with a $5.00 prepaid handling charge. If an express order is needed, the normal rush charges apply.

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