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Becoming an Evidence-Based Practitioner
How to Be an Effective Manuscript Reviewer for the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine
Knobology and the Basics of Gynecologic Ultrasound
Medicolegal Issues in Obstetric Ultrasound
Sonography Teaching Master Class: Physician Experts Discuss How to Orchestrate Sonography Teaching for Physicians That Leads to Standing Ovations and Encores
Tricks and Physics: How to Improve Your Imaging of the Fetal Heart
Doing the Right Moves for Living Pain Free
Multidisciplinary Approach to Diagnosing and Treating Carotid Disease
Abdominal Doppler Ultrasound
Breast Ultrasound and Biopsy Techniques
Complications of Vascular Interventions
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: Applications in the Liver and Abdominal Transplants
Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound: Nonhepatic Applications
Correlation of Computed Tomographic Angiography, Magnetic Resonance Angiography, and Ultrasound
Diagnosing and Treating Venous Disease
Distinguishing Between Suspicious and Nonsuspicious Adnexal Masses Combining Ultrasound, Computed Tomography, and Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Emergency Department Presentations of Acute Scrotal and Pelvic Pain
Evaluation of Fetal Cardiac Function: Live Demonstration
Fetal Cardiac Anomalies: 3- and 4-Dimensional Cases
Fetal Cardiac Unknown - Complex
Fetal Cardiac Unknown - Simple
First- Versus Second-Trimester Fetal Anatomy Survey
Hepatobiliary Imaging
Interesting Cases in Interventional and Intraoperative Ultrasound
Interesting Cases in the Pediatric Neck
Just Images: Pediatric Masses
Legal Issues for the Sonographer: Are You Vulnerable?
Liver Doppler Evaluation
Multiple Gestations
New Techniques in Biopsy Combined With New Materials
Newborn Neurosonography in the Acute Care Setting
Pediatric Spinal Canal: What's the Verdict?
Portable Ultrasound: Technology in Point-of-Care Ultrasound
Quantitative Ultrasound: What We Can Measure
Should Cardiac Measurements Be Obtained Routinely When Evaluating the Fetal Heart?
Sonography of Pediatric Musculoskeletal Lesions
Sonography of Perinatal Malformations of the Neonatal Abdomen
Sonography of the Neonatal Abdomen
Stretching the Protocol
Teach the Teachers - Part 1
Teach the Teachers - Part 2
Technical Faux Pas
Thyroid Imaging
Transplant Imaging
Ultrasound Bioeffects for the Practitioner: This Could Happen to You
Ultrasound Image-Guided Therapy
Unknown Cases
Update on Fetal and Neonatal Neurosonography

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Video Programs for CME

Adnexal Masses
Advanced Fetal Echocardiographic Techniques
AIUM Practice Parameter for the Performance of Fetal Echocardiography: Step-by-step Video Tutorial
AIUM Practice Parameter for the Performance of Ultrasound of the Female Pelvis: Step-by-step Video Tutorial
AIUM Practice Parameter for Ultrasound Examination of the Neonatal Head, Spine, and Hip: Step-by-step Video Tutorial for Performing Individual Examinations
Comprehensive Review of Major Congenital Heart Disease from a Multidisciplinary Perspective
Hand and Wrist Ultrasound
Knee Ultrasound: Therapeutics and Pathology
MSK Ultrasound of the Hip and Pelvis
Multiple Gestations
Principles of Sonography and Doppler Ultrasound
Shoulder Ultrasound: Pathology and Therapeutics
The Fetus: Top Five "Do-Not-Miss" Diagnoses
Ultrasound After 5 PM
Ultrasound of the Ankle and Foot
Ultrasound of the Elbow
Vaginal Bleeding in the First Trimester

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AIUM Consensus Report on Potential Bioeffects of Diagnostic Ultrasound

How to Interpret the Ultrasound Output Display Standard for Higher Acoustic Output Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices: Version 2

Medical Ultrasound Safety, Third Edition

Recommended Ultrasound Terminology, Third Edition

Routine Quality Assurance for Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment


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