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Welcome! This community focuses on sonographic imaging of the female pelvis, including the fallopian tubes, uterus, and ovaries.

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Endometriosis: Refining Our Approach
Gynecologic Ultrasound in Pediatrics
Quantitative Ultrasound
Acute Maternal Diseases in Pregnancy
Basics of Ultrasound Workflow: Protocol Design, Quality Control, and Efficiency
First Trimester, Abnormal
Knobology and Physics
Ovarian Mass Evaluation: Scoring System and Trials
Ovarian Torsion/Acute Pelvic Pain
Three-Dimensional Color Doppler Sonography

Educational Events

Course: 41st Annual Advanced Ultrasound Seminar: Ob/Gyn • February 15-17, 2018 • Lake Buena Vista, FL


AIUM Webinar: ATTENTION: ALARA is Important - An Update on the Bioeffects of Ultrasound
AIUM Webinar: Ultrasound-Based Complete Evaluation of the Infertile Patient in a Single Visit
AIUM Webinar: Ultrasound Evaluation of the Pelvic Floor
AIUM Webinar: Problem Solving with 3D Sonography of the Uterus and Adnexa
AIUM Webinar: Sonohysterography & Sonosalpingography
AIUM Webinar: Ultrasound in the Evaluation of Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
AIUM Webinar: Ultrasound Diagnosis & Management of Acquired Uterine Enhanced Myometrial Vascularity/Arteriovenous Malformations
AIUM Webinar: Practical Approach to the Sonographic Evaluation of Adnexal Cysts
AIUM Webinar: Accreditation Made Simple
AIUM Webinar: How to Use Ultrasound to Evaluate the Patient Who Presents with Pelvic Pain
AIUM Webinar: Using Ultrasound to Refine your Diagnosis of PUL and Ectopic Pregnancy
AIUM Webinar: The Use of 3D Ultrasound in Gynecology: The Beginning of a New Era!

Video Programs for CME

Adnexal Masses
AIUM Practice Parameter for the Performance of Ultrasound of the Female Pelvis: Step-by-step Video Tutorial
Challenging Scenarios in OB-GYN Imaging
Clinical Applications of Ultrasound Contrast: Part 1 and 2
Elastography: Just Cases
Evaluation of Pelvic Pain: Can Ultrasound Do It All?
How and When to Do 3-D Ultrasound Examinations
Nonfetal Obstetrics: Placenta, Membranes, and Cervix
Pregnancies in Unusual Places
Principles of Sonography and Doppler Ultrasound
Recent Innovations in Gynecologic Ultrasound, Including 3-Dimensional Imaging
Sonographic Evaluation of the Uterus and Endometrium
The Many Faces of Endometriosis
The Role of Ultrasound in Evaluating the Female Pelvis
Ultrasound After 5 PM
Using Ultrasound to Diagnose and Manage Patients with Abnormal Premenopausal and Postmenopausal Bleeding
Uterine Shape Abnormalities: Do We Need Magnetic Resonance Imaging?
Vaginal Bleeding in the First Trimester

Educational Programs

Ultrasound Lecture Series: Obstetrics and Gynecology

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Gynecologic Ultrasound


AIUM Consensus Report on Potential Bioeffects of Diagnostic Ultrasound

How to Interpret the Ultrasound Output Display Standard for Higher Acoustic Output Diagnostic Ultrasound Devices: Version 2

Medical Ultrasound Safety, Third Edition

Recommended Ultrasound Terminology, Third Edition

Routine Quality Assurance for Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment

Ultrasound in Obstetrics & Gynecology: A Practical Approach (Courtesy of Alfred Abuhamad, MD)


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