The American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM) is a multidisciplinary association dedicated to advancing the safe and effective use of ultrasound in medicine through professional and public education, research, development of guidelines, and accreditation. Established in 1952, the AIUM's membership is comprised of more than 10,000 medical ultrasound professionals and other health care providers.

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Mail Lists

The AIUM's mailing lists, which include the AIUM membership list and the AIUM convention attendee list, are a proven way to enhance any direct mail campaign and reach thousands of ultrasound professionals interested in your product or service. [Physicians (sports medicine specialists, cardiologists, emergency physicians, internists, neurosonologists, obstetricians, gynecologists, pediatricians, radiologists, surgeons, and urologists), scientists, engineers, sonographers, radiological and vascular technologists and students]

Rental Fees

The AIUM offers mailing list rentals to non-profit organizations and loyal advertisers with a schedule of 6 or more ads in the Journal of Ultrasound in Medicine. The AIUM's mailing lists include the AIUM membership list and the AIUM convention attendee list.

The set up fee per order is $200. The price per thousand is $175 with a minimum run of 1000. A copy of the mailing piece must be submitted at the time of the request and may be emailed to or faxed to 301-498-4450, attn: Marketing.

  • No shipping and handling fees

  • Lists are available in e-mail format only

  • Maryland customers must include 6% Maryland Sales tax or provide proof of nonprofit status

  • Mailing lists may not be duplicated or sold

  • Lists will be e-mailed within 5 business days once order is approved

  • Prepayment is required

  • List will not be sold for events that occur 45 days prior to or after the conclusion for the AIUM's Annual Convention (restriction does not apply to non-profit organizations).

Agreement Conditions

  1. The AIUM membership and convention attendee list(s) can be utilized on a one-time only basis for educational mailings.

  2. The mailing list renter agrees that the renter will not distribute, disclose, duplicate, reproduce, or retain any portion of the list in any form, including entering the data into an electronic database. Further, the list shall not be used for telephone solicitation of any kind, solicitation of funds, or data collection.

  3. The mailing list renter shall hold the AIUM harmless and indemnify the AIUM against any claim, damage, expense, liability, or obligation incurred by reason of the renter's use of the list, including - without limitation - reimbursement of the AIUM for attorney's fees and all costs the AIUM may incur in enjoining unauthorized parties from using the membership, accredited practices, and convention attendee list(s) in all cases where such unauthorized parties gained access to the list through the renter listed above or any of the renter's agents or employees.

  4. The mailing list renter agrees that the AIUM will have the right to monitor use of the mailing list. The mailing list renter further agrees that it shall not use the list in any way that does not comply with any and all applicable laws or regulations or that violates any right of any third party.

  5. The AIUM must approve all mail pieces prior to mailing. If the mailing list renter uses the list for distribution of materials in addition to, or different from, the mail piece approved by the AIUM, the mailing list renter will be liable for liquidated damages in the amount of $3500.00, which the mailing list renter agrees is reasonable.

  6. The AIUM retains absolute right to deny rental of the list, with or without cause.

  7. The AIUM may not be cited on any portion of the renter's mail piece.

  8. The list contains unique and proprietary information and is the sole and exclusive property of the AIUM. The AIUM reserves all rights to the list, and nothing in this agreement transfers or assigns any proprietary right in the list from the AIUM to the mailing list renter.

AIUM Advertising Policy

The following guidelines apply to all forms of advertising, including print, digital, website and multimedia.

  • Information presented in advertisements must be ethical, educational, professional, and of value to the advancement of medical ultrasound and patient care.

  • The AIUM reserves the right to reject or remove any material it regards as unprofessional, inappropriate, or as promotion of products or services in poor interest of the AIUM or patient care.

  • Advertisements designed to resemble editorial pages will be rejected.

  • Advertisers may be required to submit evidence and/or documentation to substantiate claims made in advertisement.

  • Not all products or services advertised, advertisers, or claims made in advertisement are endorsed by the AIUM.

  • Advertisers assume liability for all content of advertisement submitted and or any claims arising against the AIUM as a result of their advertisements.

  • The publisher reserves the right to give a better position than specified in the order without notice at no increase in rates.

  • All media kit terms and conditions apply.


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